Transportation projects completed include overpass structures, road systems for new industrial parks, residential subdivisions, access routes for schools and institutions. Road design upgrades have been completed for Municipalities to resolve traffic congestion, storm water issues, street light installation, pedestrian traffic and street surface repairs. Miscellaneous Railway, Port, Harbour, and Ferry studies have been undertaken.

Numerous designs have been completed to address parking lot expansion, settlement issues, storm drainage and traffic movements. Parking lots have been designed to include storm water retention, address secure accesses and paid parking. Parking lots for major industrial clients have been upgraded to accommodate the movement of heavy truck traffic.

Several road projects have traversed watercourses utilizing various alternative crossing designs, and sideslope stabilization. CJMac are familiar with the regulations and agencies governing road design and approvals.



Project: South River Industrial Park

Lower South River Industrial Park
Antigonish County – Nova Scotia

Over the past 25 years C.J. MacLellan has been providing engineering services to business owners for the development of sites within the Lower South River Industrial park. Read the rest of this entry »

Project: Green Hill Estates

Killiam Properties – Green Hill Estates
Antigonish County – Nova Scotia

In 2006  C.J. MacLellan & Associates undertook a comprehensive grading exercise to develop an expansion area to an existing mini home park in Antigonish County. Read the rest of this entry »

Project: Nova Scotia Transportation

Nova Scotia Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal
Village of Cheticamp, Nova Scotia

C.J. MacLellan with ABL Environmental Consultants Inc . provided engineering services for the design of plant upgrades, Read the rest of this entry »

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