Surveying / Land Development

CJMac have been a part of the survey community in NS for almost four decades. Services include legal, topographic, hydrographical and construction surveys. Surveys have been completed for single residential lots and subdivisions, woodlots, industrial parks, and institutions using current technologies. The survey department performs survey support for a wide range of engineering design requirements.

The civil/survey department have assisted industrial clients to manage site issues, landfill operations, fire protection water containment, cooling water intake pipes, and effluent discharge pipes.

The civil/planning and survey department compliment each other to effectively address land development projects. CJMac have designed and surveyed 100 lot residential subdivisions, and industrial parks and guided clients through the approval process. CJMac have provided design-build services for subdivisions to simplify the regulatory process for developers.

Environmental / Municipal

CJMac have completed studies and designs of water source development, water storage and distribution systems, as well as water treatment options primarily for Municipal, First Nation, Commercial and Industrial clients.

Design of wastewater collection and treatment facilities throughout Nova Scotia, including conventional sewers, pump/lift stations, river crossings, and pressurized small diameter conveyance systems. Design and inspection has been performed for hundreds of on-site sewage disposal systems for residential (single family and institutional) and commercial buildings.

Storm water management is a part of all site/building development projects. Hydrological studies to assess storm water flows, storage and TSS sedimentation ponds have been completed for numerous projects. On-site management of storm water has been achieved with retention ponds, parking lots, building roofs and green areas. Water and ice flow characteristics have been monitored to facilitate spring ice break-up control and mitigation.

CJMac provide services for remediation of contaminated sites resulting from oil spills or commercial/industrial land use. Remediation includes testing and clean-up inspection. Testing, monitoring and reporting have been completed in schools and institutions for the presence of Radon. Flow monitoring of wastewater and storm water is provided for design, mitigation and/or treatment.


M&E engineers and technologists provide the broad spectrum of services from defining existing system problems; on-site investigation and data collection; through to conceptual, pre-design, design, specification, tendering, and compliance inspections. Residential, Institutional, and Commercial building services typically include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, plumbing, and electrical design. These building services also encompass process design in projects for water and wastewater treatment plants and recreational facilities such as swimming pools, arenas, and curling rinks.

In the industrial and manufacturing sector process design includes boiler, steam/condensate, pressure vessels, ventilation, chemical, fluids, gas, and solids storage and conveyance. Aged Building Audits, Life Cycle, IAQ , and energy studies complement the general building services that CJMac provides.


Structural design services for steel and wood frame buildings, concrete foundations, and support pads. A broad list of related projects for water and wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, schools, warehouses, garages, swimming pools, arenas, and commercial buildings. Steel and concrete design for TCH bridge overpasses and ice shields for bridge structures. Post design services included shop drawing review, project management, and construction inspection of components for compliance certification.

Structural assessments and design have also been completed for numerous wharf and docking facilities throughout Nova Scotia, including pile work, cribwork and concrete structures.

Design in the industrial sector includes structural components of process equipment, cranes, jigs, platforms, and fall arresting equipment within various industrial plants. Equipment design for the offshore industry was completed for numerous components such as jacking tables, equipment handler, and tertiary steel.


The company has supported all phases of projects including the critical task of initial proper planning. Studies have been completed to assist municipal planning strategies and land use development. More specifically studies and plans have been developed to site industrial parks, treatment facilities, and recreational facilities.

CJMac have completed assessments and planning for First Nation Community expansions including lot development and service options. Mapping is provided and maintained for Municipal units for zoning map updates and assessments.

Studies have been performed to determine service area limits and water rate assessments.


Land use studies for industrial, commercial, residential and recreational developments in urban and rural areas. Engineering services have been provided for the design of infrastructure, site preparation, buildings, parking lots and petroleum storage facilities.

CJMac are regularly involved in the marine sector providing Master Plans for Harbour Authorities, engineering design services for marinas, wharves, launch ramps, and breakwaters. CJMac have design and supervised the installation of outfall pipes from wastewater treatment plants, industrial cooling water, as well as cold water intakes for industrial users and fish plants.



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