Project: Water Treatment Plant

Antigonish Water Treatment Plant
Town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia

C.J. MacLellan with ABL Environmental Consultants Inc. provided engineering services to the design build team for the construction of the new water treatment facility for the Town of Antigonish.

CJMac was the prime consultant responsible for structural, civil, electrical and mechanical design.  ABL provided the process design for the treatment plant.  The design build program was undertaken with a very aggressive schedule to meet funding requirements.  Through the design build process; the team was able to construct the facility with the budget constraints of the project.  The plant was successfully commissioned in June 2006.

405mm diameter Ductile Iron piping was installed to connect the existing Town Transmission main to the plant for raw water delivery, and to return treated water to the line for transmission to the Town. This main was connected by a number of flow control valves and bypass structure for various operating conditions. Slopes and hard clay were encountered throughout.

A small diameter forcemain line was installed over a 700 metre in length so that effluent from tow backwash water lagoons could flow freely to a local tributary. This line extended from a duplex pump station where lagoon treated effluent was pumped across a head of 10.5 metres in addition to the uphill gradient before outletting to an energy dissipation pool.  The line was installed in the winter of 2006 and commissioned in spring of 2007.  The pumps have a capacity of 60usgpm and can operate on cycle demand or together under high discharge conditions.

The Design Build project was constructed for $6.1 million over a period of 8 months with commissioning following through the summer of 2006.

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