Project: South River Industrial Park

Lower South River Industrial Park
Antigonish County – Nova Scotia

Over the past 25 years C.J. MacLellan has been providing engineering services to business owners for the development of sites within the Lower South River Industrial park.

This has included site grading, earthworks, site services, parking lot designs and access and complete building design packages.

Originally CJMac completed the overall site planning for the 25 lot industrial park subdivision including detailed design and implementation of the road network, extensive

earthworks and municipal services including sanitary and potable water services.

CJMac has recently completed a 175 metre road extension within the subdivision to make available three new lots for the Municipal run subdivision.  The main entrance is paved with side roads currently in gravel finished conditions. Typical lots incorporate side and rear yard vegetative buffers with access from the road system. Buildings are of industrial use including a steel works facility, a boat building complex and a concrete plant.  The subdivision is approximately 80% built out.

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