Project: County of Richmond

District #4 Wastewater Collection & Treatment Pre-Design
Municipality of the County of Richmond

Project Description: District # 4 Wastewater Collection & Treatment Pre-design – The existing District # 4 boundary incorporates the residential areas of West Arichat, Port Royal, St. Mary’s and Janvrin’s Island which were shown to have significant failures with existing wastewater disposal systems that could impact the local environment including water supply wells, fisheries and recreational areas with inadequately treated effluent.

Given the experiences in Walkerton, and the provincial mandates to have wastewater discharges at acceptable levels, the Municipality of the County of Richmond commissioned a pre-design for collection an dtreatment within the four communities. The Intent of the pre-design is to identify the collection system components for conveyance of sewage from over 291 homes and to identify system and process components for the wastewater treatment plant. The Terms of Reference indicated that a new sewage treatment plant is to be constructed and a collection system installed which considers small diameter innovative conveyance system technology.

C.J. MacLellan & Associates completed the pre-design report for this area in the Municipality of the County of Richmond in October of 2009 to service over 291 homes in the four communities which includes individual pump chambers, 38mm to 200mm diameter forcemains, a number of significant water feature crossings, and a Sequencing Batch Reactor Wastewater Treatment Facility with outfall to the ocean waters.  Over 10 kilometres of piping alignment required detailed topographic survey to confirm site conditions as well as alignment options for the forcemain system. A separate recirculating sand filter is proposed for Janvrin’s Island.



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